Jean says -
let there be
good coffee

The story goes like this: in the late 90’s Gloria Jean’s swept across Australia, and by 2003 Jean had completed her good deed, delivering espresso coffee to every corner of Australia.

Nearly 21 years later, a new version of Gloria Jean’s opens in Miranda with a whole new look, new brews and a canteen style café menu, what hasn’t changed is our love for coffee, learning about it, GJ old school values and our signature orange, Pantone 021C.

Hey Miranda, come brunch with us.

New Year New Brews

Put some House in your step

Lower toned and minimally bright, our new House blend pulls a straight shot with mudcake, choc orange and caramel sweetness.

Nicaragua Single O – for Brew Gurus

Coffee newbies and nerds alike will fall hard for this one. The coffee is fully washed, producing layers of toasted butterscotch and dark cocoa.

Jean’s Grilled Cheese

Jean says – ‘Live a cheese life.’ Melt vibes are strong at our new Miranda store with Jean’s 3 cheese Grilled Brisket sandwich.

B.L.A.T. Milk Bun

Jean says – ‘People feel good around a good milk bun’. Made fresh to order, available all day.

Cookies & Cream Shake

In a rare moment of not taking ourselves too seriously we said we’d like to make the best cookies and cream shake in the world.

Cold Brew Soft Serve

Caffeinated, brewed for 12 hours, fresh and so creamy. Feelings of euphoria are likely to follow. Get yourself to Miranda as soon as you can.

Fancy Berlina with Coffee Sugar

Fancy custard with coffee sugar, for those ‘eat coffee for breakfast’ types. Jean says – ‘don’t share’.


If cold brew coffee is pretty much everything that is good in the world, GJ’s Cold Brew Nitro is out of this world.